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Vote For Obama, Rice

Image of Sally Kern

Here are some Okie Funk political endorsements:

President: Barack Obama. There is no question the country’s government needs great change to face its pressing problems. It’s absurd anyone would think John McCain would deviate substantially from the policy positions of President George Bush. For this reason alone, Barack Obama is the clear choice. Obama also has the potential to be one of the greatest American presidents ever by uniting the country during a difficult time. An Obama presidency would represent a historical change of seismic proportions.

U.S. Senator: Andrew Rice. It’s clear U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe has been in Washington too long. What has he done all these years? Well, he has repeatedly embarrassed many people in the state with his outrageous and divisive comments about global warming and cultural wedge issues. This is a year of change. State Sen. Andrew Rice represents change. He is bright and articulate and will serve as a great Oklahoma ambassador in Washington.

Corporation Commissioner: Jim Roth, Charles Gray. Jim Roth proved his mettle as a Oklahoma County Commissioner. Gov. Brad Henry then appointed Roth to the Corporation Commission, and he has served with composure and distinction. He deserves your vote. In the other Corporation Commission race, Charles Gray deserves your vote. Gray would bring a real people’s view to the commission.

U.S Representative: Dan Boren. It’s essential Oklahomans return Dan Boren to Washington. As it stands now, he is the only Democrat in the state’s Congressional delegation. He adds balance to the delegation and helps the state’s image in the process. Boren is a centrist-to-conservative Democrat who has represented the state with distinction. He deserves your vote. I would urge voters in other Congressional districts to also vote Democratic this year.

District 84 State Representative: Ron Marlett. As I wrote earlier, “Ron Marlett is the clear choice for state representative in House District 84, a seat now held by Sally Kern, the right-wing ideologue who made national news when she publicly claimed homosexuality is a greater threat to the nation than terrorism.” Marlett’s election would tell the world that Oklahoma will not tolerate the hateful, extremist views of political leaders.

Magazine Features Okie Funk

Image from Oklahoma Magazine

Okie Funk is featured in the November issue of Oklahoma Magazine.

The magazine lists “75 Great Oklahoma Websites” and features seven blogs, including Okie Funk, in individual stories.

Oklahoma Magazine writer Jami Mattox writes, “Okie Funk is the blogchild of Dr. Kurt Hochenauer, professor of English at the University of Central Oklahoma. Tired of the under-representation, Hochenauer began the blog to add a liberal voice to a state that is traditionally known to be conservative. Okie Funk has since been recognized by the Okie Blog Awards as the best political blog in the state.”

The magazine does an excellent job giving an overall view of the Oklahoma blogging community. This is difficult because the number of blogs keeps growing even as other blogs become inactive. The diversity of the blogging community can also make it difficult to keep tabs on everything going on.

The Lost Ogle, which I think is the best overall blog in the state right now, is also featured in the magazine spread.

Oklahoma Magazine does a great job putting their publication online, which can be found here.

Planksy's Halloween Costume Contest

Image of Plansky, pirate turkey

Aaaargh! That’s yer four “A” aargh, and I mean it I do. This is Plansky, the blarmey pirate turkey hisself, filling in for DocHoc this Halloween. Watch for me, a barrel of rum, and me mateys scouting for pirate treats in yer neighborhood. As you can see, I’m wearing me Sarah Palin costume, which brings me to yer gist. This, fer sure, wink, wink, is yer First Annual Planksy The Pirate Turkey Halloween Costume Contest, and the results are in, me lads and lasses.

Scariest. Arrgh, the rapscallion Jim Inhofe wins the scariest category for his costume of U.S. Senator. It’s a fright fer sure, what with his hoity toity suit, finger pointing and blarmey. For masquerading as a U.S. Senator, Inhofey wins this category all hands on deck, if you catch me drift.

Greenest. Me gobbler blows in the wind, fer sure, and the pipers play dancing jigs, and so it is that Boone Pickens gets the Most Green costume award for masquerading as Mr. Environmentalist hisself. Seems Booney’s going to save the world AND make a few billion more with natty gas converts. But will there be enough leftovers for ol’ OSU, and what with the Pokes doing so well this year? Argh, and that’s a one “A” argh, don’t yer know?

Meanest. Hand me a rum cup, shiver me feathers, Sally Kern wins the meanest category this here year for her costume of State Representative. “Matter fact” Sally wins yer landslide in this category for her hatin’ ways and fer trying to get rid of science in schools. If it ain’t religious mean, it ain’t Sally, me mateys. Her state rep costume reeks, wink, wink, of the ol’ snake-in-the-grass.

Safest. Well, not even a blarmey contest here, fer sure. State Rep. Jason Murphey wins for his costume as School Safety Captain fer trying to get guns in college classrooms. The way Murphey sees it the more guns the merrier because it’s the safest way to go. Arrgh, what’s next? Cannon balls?

Sexiest. Me mateys, I’m honored to accept this award for all pirate turkeys dressed up like Mrs. Palin everywhere.

So, aargh, fer sure, wink, wink, Happy Halloween, party like pirates, me lads and lasses, and don’t forget to vote.

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